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Need instant loan? Unable to get anywhere else? Come to Ready Rupees!

We are a RBI-approved NBFC firm registered in India circa 1984. Our primary goal is to provide hassle-free financial assistance to those in need of money. Our operations are based on our state-of-the-art Fintech solutions that simplifies and facilitates our instant loan services.

“The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor.” – Peter Grandich and Co.

We strive to be that trusted friend of our clients whom you can turn to in unforeseen crisis situations. With our simple and streamlined process of application, approval and disbursal, we are committed to come to your financial aid whenever you need.

Why People Choose Us

People choose us when they can’t wait to get a loan amount in their bank account. We have trained team who uses the digital tools to sanction loan within minutes so that our customers are never inconvenienced.

We understand that there can be zero tolerance on timely disbursal of loans and we allow no compromise on this aspect of loan disbursal.

In this digital age, we have an opportunity to transform lives of people in ways that was hard to imagine just a couple of decades ago. – Narendra Modi

We live by this ideal and have made it our chief goal to reach necessary monetary help to every household in India with the help of Digital India.

30-minute disbursal

With Ready Rupees, you can get your loan application approved and receive the requested money in your account – all within 30 minutes. We take pride in our financial software tools which allow disbursal at the speed of light. You will not have to wait long to get your hand on your borrowed money well within time.


Responsible lending

At Ready Rupees, we take great care of our debtors and treat their money with caution. We conduct our lending well within the permitted guidelines and you will find no practices here which are against your interest. We encourage our clients to loan from us only when there is an emergency or they money in a really short period of time – we are strictly against putting more burden on our clients than they already have.


Poor credit score

Ready Rupees does not discriminate between high credit scorers and low credit scorers. Even if you have a poor history in credit, we will consider your application at par with everyone else. So if you do not have an impressive credit score, pick us as your money lenders and bypass the stumbling blocks of guarantors and asset deposits.


Data-driven professionalism

Our executives are experts in banking and finance technology and will provide you with the correct guidance you need. Ours is a company driven by data and the best technologies for credit appraisals. With us, you can get the best instant loan services within the country.


Minimum documentation

To get your loan approved at Ready Rupees, you will need nothing more than your basic KYC. You will have to produce your PAN card and Aadhar Card/Voter’s ID/Driver’s license/Passport for official identification purposes, as well as your bank statement and salary slips of past three months. That is all we will require to get your loan request approved within short time.


24x7 assistance

We are here for you round the clock and around the year. Whether you have met a sudden medical emergency or you need some extra cash to sail through the expenses of an upcoming festivity, we are here in your assistance. You can apply for an instant loan anytime, any day, and we will get it transferred to your bank account within the promised time.


Get your money in five easy steps

  • 1. Apply online by filling up the website form
  • 2. Receive the call from our representative
  • 3. Provide the required KYC documents
  • 4. Wait for your application to get approved
  • 5. Receive the loan money in your bank account

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