Welcome to ReadyRupees.com

About Us

Ready Rupees is a Fintech company established and registered in 1984. Ever since, we have acted as a Government-approved and RBI-accredited NBFC firm with our services across the country.

We specialize in providing instant loan to our clients in emergency situations and unforeseen financial crises. We are unlike with traditional firms, where you will have to go through a tedious application process and then a long waiting period for approval. With us, you can get your appeal for loan approved within 15 minutes and the disbursal of amount within 30 minutes.

We provide on-spot loans of as little as ₹ 5,000 to as much as ₹ 100,000 for any and all purposes – no questions asked.

Our Goal

I dream of Digital India where knowledge is strength and it empowers the people.” – PM Narendra Modi

The Digital India campaign of our country has facilitated many small and medium businesses to flourish. It has also made it possible to automate and improve the access to financial services for the businesses. Our objective is to harness the immense possibility technology brings and be of aid to anyone who needs some quick and hassle-free monetary support.

Whether it is a sudden expense that has unexpectedly showed up, or it has been a slow month and you need some cash to pay the rent, or there is an unprecedented medical emergency in front – you can put your faith on us. We will have your back like a true friend – or perhaps better, because even a friend cannot be trusted with financial help in times like this.

All you need to do is provide us your details and KYC documents and you will have your application approved in no time.

Our vision and mission

“Money is like a sixth sense, without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five.” – Somerset Maugham.

At Ready Rupees, we have a firm grip on all things money-related. We are professional experts in finance and banking who understand money and the inherent value of it. So we also understand the importance of having liquid cash in hand in times of crisis.

Keeping that in mind, what we try to achieve at Ready Rupees is ease and speed of access to money when in need. Our mission is to offer efficient and personalized services to our customers with competitive interest rates and our vision is to extend financial assistance to the blossoming small business of the country.