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Privacy Policy

Ready Rupees treats the non-public personal data of clients with absolute care and complete transparency. The sources of our information collection, the methods of its safekeeping and the directions of information sharing with affiliates are all disclosed in this privacy policy.

Reason behind collection of personal information

Our objective behind collection of your non-public personal information is to keep a record of your genuine and government-accredited identity. It is to ensure avoidance of fraudulent behaviour of any degree. It is also to assess your credit score which forms an important part of our application assessment process.

The information we collect from you

As part of the application assessment and loan sanction process, we ask for your KYC documents which contain your name, address, and date of birth. We shall also require your phone number, email address, salary or income details and some other financial details, if necessary. However, we shall never ask for any security codes, ATM pins, card CVV numbers, or any passwords. If anyone pretends to be from Ready Rupees and asks for the aforementioned information, please understand it is a case of fraudulence.

Where do we collect information?

  • Your online application
  • Your telephonic conversation with our representative
  • Credit reference agencies for credit history and score
  • Your IP address, browser and operating system, although not in individually identifiable form
  • Your acceptance of cookies on our website

Use and disclosure of information

We keep your personal information safe and secure and utilize it for very restricted use. We require your personal information to abide by the RBI rules of NBFC firm. Other than that, we use it for the review, maintenance and development of our business infrastructure.

We share your personal information with our financial collaborations, including creditors, payment merchants, financial institutions, fraud reporting agencies, debt collection firms, and government regulatory bodies, if the law calls for it.