Welcome to ReadyRupees.com

We believe in maintaining clear communication with our clients regarding our Rates and Terms at Ready Rupees. We offer competitive rates at par with the market trends and figures. There are no extra charges for processing, pre-closure, and prepayments. We have absolute no hidden charges either.

Refer to the details given below for a complete understanding of our minimum and maximum loan amounts, APR, rate of interest, late payment charges, cheque bounce penalties, and the period of loan granted.

Minimum loan amount – Rs 5,000 /-

Maximum loan amount – Rs 100,000 /-

Rate of interest – 1% per day

APR – 365%

Minimum period of loan – 91 days

Maximum period of loan – 120 days

Pre-closure charges – Zero

Pre-payment charges – Zero

Processing fees – Zero

Cheque bounce penalty charge – Rs 1000 per cheque bounce

Late payment fine charges – 2% interest will continue to be charged up to a maximum of 30 days from your repayment date

Please read the above mentioned details carefully before applying for instant loan.